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What is WCCO?
Writers Collective of Central Oregon is an information hub for creative writers of all stripes, a network to connect writers to events, educational opportunities, and each other. We seek to promote dynamic interaction in an environment where Central Oregon writers feel supported and nourished as they practice the craft.

What's This About?

Resources for Writers in Central Oregon

Check out our list, always growing, of learning & craft-practicing opportunities, writing and reading venues, and more, all on our Writers' Resources page.



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Who Is WCCO?

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2017 Writers Collective of Central Oregon

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Sarah Cyr

Sarah Cyr Sarah Cyr teaches writing practice, the cultivation of a regular writing habit in response to prompts. One a habit is established it can be focused towards any writing project: a blog, personal essay, memoir, even oral storytelling. Sarah's work has appeared in Newsweek Magazine, ARTNews, The Boston Globe, and Cosmopolitan. Her teaching style is heavily influenced by Natalie Goldberg (Writing Down the Bones), having studied with her in Santa Fe.