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March 1, 2020



A unified body of individuals sharing a common interest scattered through a larger society


A few years ago, we were sitting in a coffee shop in Bend, talking about an upcoming writing workshop, and a fellow writer came over and said, “Excuse me, I’m sorry to interrupt (because all writers are polite), but did I hear you mention a writing workshop (because all writers are observant)? I’m a writer,” they said, “and I’ve been looking to connect with the local writing community, but it’s hard to find information.”


After this happened to several of us several times, we said, “Hey, what if we put together some kind of a clearing house for Central Oregon Writing information? Make a calendar of literary events? List some local resources, classes, workshops?”


And the Writers Collective of Central Oregon was born.


But we are not fans of redundancy, or people who want to search for information in more than one place, or pay for two websites, so the information from the WCCO has been consolidated into the Central Oregon Writers Guild’s website.


One of the best rules for writers we know (besides read your own work out loud) is Embrace Community. Find people that are doing what you’re doing, learn from them, teach them, encourage them, find accountability, collaborate and create. Make the world a better place.


Check out the COWG Events Page (updated every month) featuring readings, workshops, writing groups, and classes.


Here is a list of local (Central Oregon) Writer’s Resources.


If you’re looking for Community, Join COWG, or just come to the meetings and workshops.


And if you’d like to be added to COWG’s mailing list, send us an email at centraloregonwritersguild@gmail.com


Join us at the Bend Downtown Public Library the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30 for great presentations.



Mike Cooper

President COWG


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